17-07-2019 The dispersion of ashes in space, is this really the future of funeral practices?

Star dust is a poetic way of dispersing the ashes of the deceased. If this iconoclastic practice comes as a surprise, other more urgent concerns emerge. Focus. In France, two funeral agencies are offering to disperse the... Read more

07-07-2019 Hygeco: trusted by the Faculty of Medicine in Nantes, France

The Faculty of Medicine in Nantes (France) just ordered a set of refrigerated cells, as well as a large arrangement system for body conservation which will replace the current formalin vats. The cold room, which is in n... Read more

19-06-2019 HYGECO renovates the Research Institute Against Cancer of the Digestive Tract (IRCAD)!

The IRCAD, a training center for laparoscopic surgery and a research institute against digestive tract cancer based in Strasbourg, was created in 1994 by the famous Professor Jacques Marescaux. ”Operation Lindbergh”... Read more

29-05-2019 Meeting with Ana, Group Purchasing Manager at HYGECO!

One year ago today, Ana joined the HYGECO team. On this special day, she shared her background, her motivations and her daily life in the leading French group. HYGECO: Tell us about your career up to now Ana: I had a fa... Read more

15-05-2019 Paperless death certificates: all you need to know!

The decree of 21 April 2017 authorizes the digitization of the administrative death certificate process. This new regulation has paved the way for an experiment aimed at simplifying the chain of transmission of death cer... Read more

02-05-2019 #SuccessStory HYGECO has reequipped the Athanée in Nice, France!

At the end of 2018, HYGECO delivered its biggest project in France: the Athanée in Nice. This rather old funeral home required a month of work for the teams on site. The entire group was mobilized: From equipment produ... Read more

17-04-2019 Meeting with Olivier, thanatopractor at HYGECO!

Olivier has been a thanatopractor since 1994 and at HYGECO for 8 years. We met him so that he could talk to us about this unusual and yet necessary profession for mourning families. Interview. How did you learn about an... Read more

03-04-2019 A mediator catering to funeral home professionals and families

Mediation is an extra-judicial solution to relieve the courts. Indeed, the time when only a summons to settle a dispute with a professional market sector is over. The consumer can now bring in a Consumer Mediator—a na... Read more

06-03-2019 HYGECO will deliver the global equipment for the Laboratory of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of Agadir in Morocco in March 2019!

The new Anatomy Laboratory is located in the Faculty of Medicine of Agadir, brand new too. It is an innovative project, because the equipment that was chosen and selected are not only high-end, but also customized. Thus... Read more

20-02-2019 HYGECO has equipped 30 hospitals in Libya!

Last January, HYGECO delivered a package of similar equipment to each of the 30 hospitals being renovated. No less than 15 40-foot containers filled with hospital equipment left Europe for Libya. Beyond manufacturing a ... Read more

06-02-2019 Meet Océane, thanatopractor at HYGECO!

Océane has been a thanatopractor at HYGECO for 2 years. She explains with modesty and honesty how she chose this unusual vocation and what the roots of her profession are. Interview. How did you hear and choose thanato... Read more

16-01-2019 Meet us at Arab Health from January 28th to 31st, 2019!

From January 28 to 31, 2019, HYGECO group will be pleased to participate in Arab Health. With more than 4,150 exhibitors and over 84,500 trade visitors from 160 countries, this very first trade show of the year has beco... Read more

30-01-2018 HYGECO regains a foothold in the Libyan market! 

After years of absence and after working in close collaboration with a new local partner, HYGECO has secured the contract to supply equipment for 30 hospitals across the country. This major project, which includes a pack... Read more

25-01-2018 HYGECO is providing equipment to the Blida and Tamanrasset military hospitals in Algeria! HYGECO is providing equipment to the Blida and Tamanrasset military hospitals in Algeria!

One of the international projects carried out in 2017 that stands out among the rest is the provision of post-mortem equipment for the Algerian military hospitals in Blida and Tamanrasset. Indeed, HYGECO delivered all th... Read more

19-01-2018 (International) HYGECO: a new look!

Sorry, this entry is only available in American English and French. Read more

18-01-2018 Biodegradable urns: 6 minutes!

Yes, in just 6 minutes and not a minute more! Watch the video and see it for yourself. That’s the time required for our biodegradable urns to decompose. With over 40,000 urns sold every year, we can safely say this pro... Read more

08-01-2018 Great results for HYGECO in Africa!

HYGECO has great hopes for the African market. As a result, we decided to invest with the creation of a new Regional Manager position last September. And the return on investment is already in sight, with a successful ye... Read more

02-01-2018 Happy New Year 2018!

Even though the past year was HYGECO’s 130th anniversary, we can’t get too comfortable with our success as our pioneering spirit continues to push us forward. In the coming weeks, we will be pleased to announce s... Read more

20-11-2017 HYGECO is re-supplying 34 hospitals all over Saudi Arabia!

We are celebrating another impressive international project for the HYGECO group! Since last May, we have been in charge of providing 34 Saudi Arabian hospitals with various equipment. This colossal project includes 92 s... Read more

18-11-2017 Flashback on MEDICA Düsseldorf 2017 before FUNERAIRE Paris opens

The HYGECO group participated in MEDICA 2017 – World Forum for Medicine from the 13th to 15th of November with two stands: HYGECO and FUNERALIA. It was undoubtedly a resounding success with over 200 strong qualifie... Read more