HYGECO will deliver the global equipment for the Laboratory of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of Agadir in Morocco in March 2019!


The new Anatomy Laboratory is located in the Faculty of Medicine of Agadir, brand new too. It is an innovative project, because the equipment that was chosen and selected are not only high-end, but also customized. Thus, the production teams were led to create items that are only very rarely made, such as custom tanks to retain anatomical parts for example. In this context, the real challenge was to be able to meet 100% of all requests for specifications that were very dense while not compromising on quality.

It was a great collective success, as all the HYGECO teams were associated: from the sales team to the technical team for the preparation of the bid response file, including the team in Germany with the production site that manufactures part of the equipment, etc.

This project is intended to be duplicated on other sites and in other countries. We will let you know more soon!