Meeting with Ana, Group Purchasing Manager at HYGECO!


One year ago today, Ana joined the HYGECO team. On this special day, she shared her background, her motivations and her daily life in the leading French group.

HYGECO: Tell us about your career up to now
Ana: I had a fairly typical student career. First, I did a business school in Normandy where I got a Bachelor’s. Then I did a Master’s in “International Purchasing and Innovation” at KEDGE Business School in Paris for two years including a sandwich year at INDIGO, a company in in the parking sector. So, I had started to put my foot in the professional world before arriving at HYGECO. I had the pleasure of joining the HYGECO team as Group Purchasing Manager. I manage the purchases of all HYGECO subsidiaries. The goal is to really have a global vision and try to achieve maximum savings.

HYGECO: What does a typical day look like for you?
Ana: I respond to and send a lot of emails. But I also find myself getting out of my office to talk to the operational teams to understand what they need. As I handle different subjects in the company, I need the entire staff to contribute in order to accurately move forward with my files. My work also consists of Excel spreadsheets because I have to report the figures and savings that we have made. In addition, there are many telephone contacts in the negotiation phases. It’s about human contact and I prefer phone calls or face-to-face meetings rather than sending emails, which are much more impersonal. These meetings allow me to get to know the suppliers and see what they can bring to us.

HYGECO: What motivates you the most in your work?
Ana: Originally, I chose purchasing as it allows me to negotiate. In fact, I love starting a new topic and saying to myself “let’s see what I will manage to gain, what I will manage to take from this”. Since I have been working at HYGECO, I realize that there are other aspects that I like very much: purchasing affects all areas of the company, so I have to talk to everyone within the company. I particularly appreciate this human contact! I would say that it’s a big part of what motivates me in the morning when I come to work. I know that I will not stay in my office all day and that I am bound to have contact with our suppliers, our customers or my colleagues.

HYGECO: What challenges do you face on a daily basis?
Ana: When I handle a subject, I need to have a good overview. For that, I need feedback and, being at headquarters, it’s very complicated to get a good idea of the reality of the processes and what often happens on the other side of the world!

Thank you Ana and good luck!