Meeting with Olivier, thanatopractor at HYGECO!


Olivier has been a thanatopractor since 1994 and at HYGECO for 8 years. We met him so that he could talk to us about this unusual and yet necessary profession for mourning families. Interview.

How did you learn about and choose thanatopraxis?
Olivier: I was initially in the food business. I met someone who was working as a thanatopractor and who introduced me to his world. I spent a few evenings after my own job to join him and participate in some care, transportation, etc. After a while, he offered me the opportunity to join his company as a groomer and carrier. I went to school, graduated and became a thanatopractor while I was working within the company.

How do people react when you explain your job?
Olivier:  Before I used to talk about it openly when I went to family meetings or friends’ houses. After the first usual questions, I realized that people who kept asking me questions about my job did so by voyeurism. It was unhealthy. From now on, I avoid talking directly about my job and that’s a shame. Instead, I’m saying that I work in the medical field.

What is the most difficult thing for you in your job?
Olivier: The most difficult thing is when you have to deal with children. It’s really complicated…. You have to be able to ignore it and do your job as best you can.

And what do you like best?
Olivier: What I like most, but which unfortunately we do less and less, is the contact with families. Families are asking for less care than before. I appreciate being able to make these painful moments as worthy as possible when they are mourning. It’s my small contribution at a difficult time. This is really important to me!

Thank you Olivier for this interview!