Preparation of the deceased and thanatopraxy

Preparations de corps et thanatopraxie On the basis of the idea that families can say a dignified goodbye, Hygeco PMA is available 24/7 to support our clients in the preparation of a deceased person. We do of course observe the highest levels of respect, and we can also take care of any administrative formalities for you. The deceased can be prepared at a mortuary, funeral parlour or at home. Hygeco has been the ultimate specialist in thanatopraxy since 1960. In order to provide the fastest possible service, we have an advanced emergency centre, making planning an efficient process. As we have divided France into regions, there will always be a Hygeco PMA specialist near you. This enables us to be on-site very quickly at all times. Hygeco PMA is available 24/7. Call +33 1 34 53 40 70 or send an e-mail to Hygeco . Pleased to be at your service!

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