Funeral products

Hygeco offers a wide range of products and consumables specifically for funeral operators.

Whether they are products for transporting the deceased (body bags, trolleys, head rests, etc.); for their preparation (sanitary care, embalming, hygiene products, etc.); for their presentation (catafalques, trestles, refrigerated tables, etc.) or for their cremation (cinerary urns, reliquaries, etc.), all these articles are available directly on our e-commerce site. To place your first order, do not hesitate to ask here for the activation of your account.

Our range of funeral equipment can be consulted by clicking on the tab below.


Discover our wide range of body bags (burying & cremation, exhumation, body transport, repatriation…) and accessories, which all comply with the regulatory and normative requirements of the funeral sector.

Conservation room

In order to guarantee optimal and long-lasting functioning of the equipment installed, in particular the cold rooms, we offer the essential products for their proper care and preventive and curative maintenance.

Preparation room

Our adapted instruments and our wide range of personal protective equipment allow embalmers to work under optimal conditions. Our range of fluids and cosmetic products presents a complementary asset to deliver high quality service.

Presentation room

In addition to our range of refrigerated tables, coffin racks, catafalques and trolleys, we offer matching accessories, ensuring the presentation of the deceased in the best possible manner.


Discover our range of urns, which will meet all your expectations in terms of ecology, aesthetics and cost-efficiency.


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