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Discover the latest generation of our grossing stations

FUNERALIA equipped a forensic institute in Kiel, Germany

Funeralia delivered two autopsy tables and a lifting trolley to a forensic institute in Kiel, Germany. A special feature of our autopsy tables for forensic medicine is the table top with positive fold. This detail ensures that the body rests on an elevated position during autopsy, which prevents it from lying in liquids. The top […]

Funeralia is expanding its range of cooling solutions and now offers laboratory cold rooms.

Funeralia recently deliverzed a walk-in laboratory cold room to the University Hospital in Erlangen, Germany. The cold room is equiped with a shelving system for storage and a work bench. It allows for a controlled environment for the safe storage of fluids or samples and lab work with temperature-sensitive components. Since the walk-in cold room […]

Poissy-Saint-Germain-en-Laye Hospital reaffirms its confidence in HYGECO equipment.

Hygeco delivers a macroscopy station to a hospital in China.

In collaboration with our partner Shandong Xinmeide Medical Technology Co. Ltd, a grossing station “HIP5” model has recently been installed at the Tai An Hospital laboratory in Qingdao (Shandong province), China. The HIP5 model features : – A high-performance ventilation system to protect users from harmful vapours ; – A removable cover to protect against splashes ; […]

A new autopsy table for a funeral service provider in Bielefeld, Germany.

With it’s longstanding history in providing equipement to the funeral sector, Funeralia remains today a trusted partner for funeral homes, cemetries and funeral service providers, maintaining its high standards for supreme quality products, #madeingermany. Funeralia recently set up a new autopsy table with integrated Hydro Aspirator in the premises of a funeral service provider in […]

Funeralia installed a new cold chamber and dissection table as part of the anatomy room at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

The challenging part of this project concerned the installation of the water-cooled refrigeration units outside the room. Due to a lack of space between the cold chamber and the ceiling, the installation of the refrigeration units on top of the cold chambers wasn’t an option. The Funeralia team came up with the solution to install […]

Funeralia, Hygeco Group, equipped Alfa Laboratories – معامل ألفا in Cairo, Egypt with two grossing stations.

Equipped with all essential features and an ergonomic design, the stations are thoughtfully designed to elevate pathology workflows. Our innovative worktops minimise exposure risks and create a safe work environment for the staff. If you are curious about the features of our new generation of ventilated worktops with non-perforated plates, have a look here:

Funeralia, Hygeco Group, delivered its latest innovation to a hospital in Chemnitz, Germany.

Dedicated to enhance the safety and efficiency of laboratory operations, the team of Funeralia has worked diligently to create a cutting edge solution that addresses the challenges in formalin handling and improves the workflow for lab professionals. We are thrilled to introduce our ventilated formalin mixing and dispensing station for contact-free mixing and dispensing of […]

Three custom-made grossing stations for North Estonia Medical Center.

Funeralia recently delivered three custom-made grossing stations for the North Estonia Medical Center. All three grossing stations feature our innovative worktop with non-perforated plates and ventilation through a circumferential rim. This innovation guarantees optimum safety in laboratory workflows, allowing users to place as much as utensils as needed on their worktop without affecting the effectiveness […]


In 2021, Université Libre de Bruxelles entrusted Hygeco and Funeralia for the renovation of their anatomy lab. The focus of equipping the new lab was on state-of-the art technology to guarantee maximum security and ergonomics for the user. The project, which run over 2 and a half years in total, was divided into two phases. […]

Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal e Ciências Forenses (INMLCF) has chosen Hygeco as trusting partner

FUNERALIA developed an innovative cold chamber monitoring system

Did you know that FUNERALIA also develops and manufactures a wide range of equipment for the special requirements of veterinary pathology?

Funeralia provided the equipment for the dissection rooms and pathology laboratory in the newly constructed Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst, Germany.

FUNERALIA demonstrates its expertise in designing and installing tailor-made cold rooms

The University of Rennes entrusts HYGECO with the rehabilitation of the former premises in the Faculty of Medicine

Preparation tables with source capture and service column.

FUNERALIA delivers state-of-the-art equipment for pathological institute in Karlsruhe, Germany

FUNERALIA has equipped the new building of the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Parisian hospital entrusted HYGECO with the renovation of its mortuary chamber

In view of the current Covid-19 crisis, HYGECO offers tailor-made, refrigerated body storage cabinets

HYGECO & FUNERALIA being part of the renovation of the Anatomy Lab of Brussels University (ULB)

Introducing the new ECOZINC

After several months devoted to its development and authorisation, HYGECO is pleased to announce the launch of the new ECOZINC: an airtight, biodegradable body bag aiming to replace the zinc coffins used for body repatriation.

FUNERALIA : trusted by the molecular biological research laboratory of Technical University Dresden

FUNERALIA has been entrusted by Technical University Dresden (TUD) with the equipment of its new molecular biological research laboratory.

HYGECO delivered new equipment to the forensic institute in Temuco, Chile

In partnership with Arquimed, new autopsy equipment was duly installed at the Temuco Forensic Institute.

HYGECO has furnished 6 hospitals in Ghana

In partnership with Vamed Engineering, Hygeco manufactured and delivered equipment for 6 hospitals in Ghana (Buipe, Wheta, Somanya, Sawla, Tolon, Bamboi).

FUNERALIA has built the new disaster centre in Saudi Arabia

FUNERALIA, the German brand of the HYGECO Group, is proud to announce the completion of the disaster management centre in the Aseer region of Saudi Arabia with its local partner, Al Yasmina.

HYGECO renovates the IRCAD in Strasbourg, France

The world-renowned IRCAD (Research Institute Against Cancer of the Digestive Tract) trains 6,200 surgeons from all over the world every year.

HYGECO has re-equipped the Athanée in Nice, France

At the end of 2018, HYGECO delivered its biggest project in France: the Athanée in Nice.

HYGECO builds disaster room in Saudi- Arabia.

Wishing to equip itself with a disaster room in Mecca two months before the start of the annual pilgrimage, the Saudi authorities called on Hygeco and its local partner for the construction of a hall with a capacity of 800 places.