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Hygeco Post Mortem Assistance (HPMA)

Over the years, the Hygeco Group has become a player with an international reputation in the funeral sector, especially with its service “Post Mortem Assistance”.

Hygeco PMA is a French company with a long history and expertise in post-mortem services : the preparation of the deceased, sanitary care and removal of pacemakers, transport of bodies before and lying-in state, disinfection (only in France), and assistance in case of disasters and accidents.

For many years, Hygeco PMA has been a trusted partner for the many players in the funeral industry. We owe this trust to the quality of our services and our expertise, based on several decades of experience.

Through our local network, we offer our customers a national and international field of action.





Hygiene and Disinfection


Embalming training


We build our partnership with our customers around three criteria


A team of Regulatory Officers at your service 24/7

Our services have a vocation to operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We have an organisation capable of responding directly to requests at any time and to be able to intervene very quickly to carry out the care of preservation and transport of the body before and after lying-in state.

In all this, we remain true to the commitment that an announced deadline must be a deadline that is met.

We provide you with the proven technical means for real-time visibility on interventions and an irreproachable efficiency of our administrative services.

A local presence at your side: Our team of 150 embalmers, 38 drivers and stretcher-bearers are spread throughout the french territory to meet your needs and serve you as quickly as possible.

Ile de France 01 34 53 40 90
Nord 03 20 06 14 60
Ouest 02 48 25 57 57 / 02 96 20 62 32
Rhône-Alpes/Est 04 72 89 35 35
Grand sud 05 56 87 02 95 / 04 91 95 75 23

Professionalism of staff

Proven experience by a team of proficient embalmers and drivers trained in the rules of transporting the deceased.

At the origin in France of the development of embalming services in the early 1960s, HYGECO PMA acted as key player in the sector and we now have more than 130 years of experience.

Operating throughout France, HYGECO PMA conveys an image of quality, appreciated by professionals of the funeral sector, by positioning itself resolutely as an efficient and discreet partner, exclusively dedicated to subcontracting.

We impose on ourselves the strictest quality policy, which guarantees that our interventions are carried out in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Our staff, whether they are embalmers, stretcher-bearer drivers or administrative staff, are known for their dedication, their availability, and their ability to react appropriately to every situation in their everyday professional life.

Proven technical means

An administrative process, designed to meet your requirements and expectations.

Thanks to a sophisticated planning system and the monitoring of interventions in real time, we are able to guarantee the traceability of all our interventions.

The dispatch of order forms, summarising all information and features our client requested, ensures that the wishes and needs of our customers are adequately documented.

Systematic intervention reports enable us to keep our clients informed very quickly of any recommendations or procedures to be applied.

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