Preservation and care of the body : a historical activity

The preservation of bodies is one of the cornerstones of Hygeco PMA’s history. The origins of our services date back to 1945, when we offered treatments with dry ice, which slowed down the process of cell deterioration. However, this procedure had no aesthetic effect on the body, and besides, required daily application. This gave rise to a new practice in France, which Hygeco PMA introduced in 1963 : embalming. Over the years, this activity has become an essential part within our company. Forerunner in the French market, we have significantly contributed to the evolution of this practice by developing new fluids and utensils, which are better adapted to the needs of embalmers.

Our embalmers, all holders of the national diploma, take care of the preparation of the bodies on behalf of the undertakers. Responding to the wishes of families, we also intervene at home, while ensuring compliance with the provisions in place. Being aware that it is professionalism and competence which are key to a successful partnership, we make sure that all our interventions bring you complete satisfaction.



Hygiene and Disinfection


Embalming training