Funeralia, Hygeco Group, delivered its latest innovation to a hospital in Chemnitz, Germany.

28 December 2023 - References & Innovations

Dedicated to enhance the safety and efficiency of laboratory operations, the team of Funeralia has worked diligently to create a cutting edge solution that addresses the challenges in formalin handling and improves the workflow for lab professionals. We are thrilled to introduce our ventilated formalin mixing and dispensing station for contact-free mixing and dispensing of ready-to-use formalin solutions.

▶ Key benefits and features:

– Enhanced safety: Making safety the utmost priority, the station comes with multiple safety features (3 extraction systems, air flow monitoring of the ventilation, lateral and frontal enclosures made of toughened safety glass) to prevent exposure to formalin vapours and spills, safeguarding the well-being of laboratory staff.

– Precise Mixing: Our station is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures accurate and consistent formalin mixing, eliminating any guesswork and minimizing errors.

– User-Friendly Interface: The station is designed with an intuitive HMI touch-screen, making it easy to operate the station and to control the mixing process.

– Customizable Settings: Possibility to tailor the mixing and dispensing settings to meet the specific needs of each laboratory, enabling flexibility in various lab procedures.

Watch the video to learn more: