HYGECO has re-equipped the Athanée in Nice, France

1 December 2018 - References & Innovations

At the end of 2018, HYGECO delivered its biggest project in France: the Athanée in Nice. This rather old funeral home required a month of work for the teams on site. The entire group was mobilized: From equipment production to installation, between the various production units—both in France and Germany—and the technical and installation teams!  Very appreciated by the final customer, the renovated site was commissioned on December 21 without reservations and within the desired deadlines.

The main technical difficulties that had to be overcome were the fact that it is a very large site. It was also necessary to coordinate with the other trades that passed before and at the same time as HYGECO. Structural work, finishing work and installation, the project was carried out with great enthusiasm to meet a very short implementation and installation deadline. Ensuring that the other stakeholders had completed their work so that we could then start installing the equipment was a major challenge. The second challenge of this project is that there were a number of custom-made equipment to be manufactured, including a very large refrigerated room with many technical constraints for installing the equipment. And the last constraint: The site was still partly in operation for the entire duration of the work. Our teams had to install the equipment as discreetly as possible so as not to disrupt the activities of the professionals and families of the deceased on site.