Introducing the new ECOZINC

6 January 2021 - References & Innovations

After several months devoted to its development and authorisation, HYGECO is pleased to announce the launch of the new ECOZINC: an airtight, biodegradable body bag aiming to replace the zinc coffins used for body repatriation.

ECOZINC is made up of a hermetic cover and a gas purifying device that complies with the standards and legislation in force. Thanks to its biodegradable properties, ECOZINC is part of an environmentally responsible approach while meeting the ergonomic and logistical needs of professionals in the funeral industry.

Available in several sizes and equipped with a velcro strap, the ECOZINC can be easily employed to the majority of existing coffins on the European market.

A hermetic and biodegradable and biological material

ECOZINC is made from a natural cotton fabric, equipped with an inner film ensuring impermeability and a zipper, which can be sealed if necessary.

Thanks to the degradation of its ecological components, ECOZINC can be incinerated or buried.

An economical and environmentally-friendly alternative

ECOZINC represents an economical alternative to the usual use of zinc coffins.

Its characteristics allow the transport and placement of the body in the coffin in one step, without requiring the handling of the deceased for burial, cremation or repatriation.

In essence, this innovative product allows the user to:

  • Prevent health risks for professionals due to its hermetic nature
  • Reduce handling of the deceased
  • Reduce the costs of body transfers
  • Improve the logistics of funeral homes
  • Reduce waste during incineration
  • Offer families an environmentally friendly alternative