Revolution in the Post-Mortem Industry: Discover our Motorized Sensitive Drive Forklift, Eligible for MSD Subsidies!

26 December 2023 - News

Welcome to the future of post-mortem industry 2.0! We’re delighted to unveil our latest innovation, which promises to redefine standards in the post-mortem industry: our motorized forklift with sensitive driving. Designed for optimal ergonomics, this forklift revolutionizes users’ daily lives thanks to its ease of use. Eligible for TMS musculoskeletal disorders subsidies, the purchase of the forklift can be subsidized up to 50% by the French Assurance Maladie.


The sensitive drive motorized forklift features an innovative guidance system. Sensors integrated into the handles interpret the force of the pressure you exert on the forklift. This information is processed by the user interface and control box to activate the wheel assistance system. Depending on the force you exert on the handles, the truck moves forward or backward at a speed proportional to the pressure on the handles. Put an end to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) caused by pushing heavy loads.


The sensitive drive motorized forklift does more than just move. It is also equipped with additional features, such as an integrated weighing system, coffin rollers, foot control…