Tailor-made cold chambers

Each project involving the preservation of a body is unique in terms of the user's needs and preferences, the configuration of the space, budget, technical and climatic constraints and, its development is the subject of a very precise process by following the steps defined below. When this project is part of a larger project, the Hygeco Group Design Office is also at your side to support you, optimise the choice and installation of equipment and guarantee their interoperability.


The required storage capacity is obviously the first variable of the project to be taken into consideration. Whether it is a cell for the conservation of a body or for several hundreds, the same attention is paid in understanding the need and in the selection of a tailor-made solutions allowing in particular a possible future evolution of the initial capacity. Sensitive to budgetary issues, the innovative solutions proposed optimise both the investment costs and the operating costs of the equipment once installed, without compromising on quality.
Adapting to all types of needs and spaces, our cold chambers are designed to accommodate up to 5 bodies per bay with the possibility of providing larger locations for bariatric bodies.

Cold chambers

Walk-in cold room

HYGECO also offers fully modular post-mortem solutions which have the advantage of adapting to the different configurations of the premises without any surface limit.

– Positive temperature: Proposed with or without floor – thickness of 60 mm walls.
– Negative temperature: Equipped with a floor identical to the panels of walls with a thickness of 100 mm and a multiplex coating with non-slip phenolic resin.
– Access: Hinged or sliding doors are available in different dimensions from 900 mm to 1,500 mm.

Multiple uses: Refrigerated rooms in the event of mass deaths with suitable equipment. Storage of flowers on shelves. Cold chambers for the animal sector.

Mobile refrigerated unit

Mobile solutions of 20 or 40 feet, specially fitted and equipped for a capacity ranging up to 50 bodies for a temperature down to -20 ° C. Equipped with an integrated refrigeration unit and a generator the mobile unit operates autonomously on the ground or charged on a trailer. It can be deployed quickly in an emergency on a “disaster” site and also serve as a temporary solution during renovation of a mortuary or even permanently installed in remote places. Many configurations can be envisaged and developed to measure according to needs.