Cremation has experienced a constant increase in recent years. To meet this growing demand, HYGECO, innovative and pioneering, has developed a range of urns that meet all expectations in terms of ecology and respect for the environment, aesthetics and also economy. HYGECO also offers adapted equipment to facilitate the safe handling of coffins.


Crematorium lifting trolley type HR350

This trolley has been specially designed to facilitate the handling of coffins in Crematoriums. Its quality structure and components allow a maximum load of 350kg. Equipped exclusively with a ball tray, the minimum lifting height is 510mm for better reception of coffins at the arrival of the hearse. The maximum height is 1400mm for better introduction into the cremator.

Détails techniques #31041 #31041-Inox
Length max 2 300 mm 2 300 mm
Width 700 mm 700 mm
Max weight 350 kg 350 kg
Weight 210 kg 210 kg
Material Painted steel Stainless steel

Weight device attachment

Determines the load weight of the lift trolley. Equipped with a touch screen with user-programmed data display. weighing, counting, checking +/-. Robust housing, waterproof and easy cleaning.

Détails techniques #31115

Motorised self-drive system

Provides flawless assitance during trolley handling. Operated by a switch positioned on the handle, the guide system allows easy movement of the trolley.

Détails techniques #31116

Coffin carrier roller plate with guide ramp

Same design as ref. 31102, but fitted with a guide rail either on the right or on the left. The coffin stops with bevelled teflon brake blocks.

Détails techniques #31102-B
L x W 600 x 585 mm

Coffin carrier roller plate

Support designed to equip the HR250 trolley and HR350 crematorium type (ref. 31040 – 31041). Lateral or longitudinal access allows the transfer of coffins to all types of cremation furnace introduction tables. The tray has 20 omnidirectional balls (options for large tray with 27 balls) for optimal handling of the coffin. It is also equipped with bevelled Teflon pads and a coffin blocking by raising to manual mechanism.

Détails techniques #31102
L x W 600 x 600 mm
Packaging Unité

Coffin carrier roller device

Equipment specially designed to be adaptable to our range of rail lift trucks. Easy longitudinal transfer of coffins at bottom flat on roller conveyor. Set of 5 PVC rollers fixed between 2 tubes 304 L stainless steel squares positioned between the rails when mixed with coffin locking system by manual mechanism raising.

Détails techniques #31100
Dimensions 1440 mm x 470 mm