HYGECO has developed a range of products specially designed for the needs of funeral transport. Our quality equipment allows interventions in the best conditions and our wide choice of consumables complies with regulatory requirements.

Funeral compartments

Refrigerated funeral compartments specially designed to meet the regulations for body transport before and after putting in the coffin. Equipped with a raceway that can receive a stretcher (Ref.: 32204) or a coffin, they come in several sizes to allow the introduction of all types of coffins. Equipped with a refrigeration unit and an integrated evaporator leaving the entire useful volume. Funeral compartments can be installed in commercial vehicles from L1 H1 models. Complies with decree N° 2000-
192 of March 3, 2000.

Juxtaposed body model

Détails techniques #30511
Outer length 2 207 mm
Outer width 1 240 mm
Outer height 790 mm
Inner depth 2 053 mm
Open width W x H 1 080 x 630 mm

Standard body model

Détails techniques #30502
Outer length 2 235 mm
Outer width 900 mm
Outer height 750 mm
Inner depth 2 100 mm
Open width W x H 780 x 630 mm

Integrated Isotherm compartment for body transport

2 body model

Détails techniques #30526
Inner dimensions L x W x H 2 120 x 1 550 x 1 280 mm

Folding vehicle trolley

Available as a trolley for emergency services, it is specially designed for the transport of the body before putting in the coffin. Robust and reliable structure, it is composed of a stainless steel tray with holding tray, 4 folding handles, and 2 straps with quick closure for body support. Very handy, it is equipped with 4 wheels diameter 200 mm including 2 with brakes and a folding stand with manual control.

Détails techniques #32204
Length, unfolded handles 2 260 mm
Length, folded handles 1 920 mm
Height, unfolded position 760 mm
Height, folded position 270 mm
Width 510 mm
Load capacity 160 kg
Wheel Ø 200 mm
Weight 33 kg