Tailor-made cold chambers

Each project involving the preservation of a body is unique in terms of the user's needs and preferences, the configuration of the space, budget, technical and climatic constraints and, its development is the subject of a very precise process by following the steps defined below. When this project is part of a larger project, the Hygeco Group Design Office is also at your side to support you, optimise the choice and installation of equipment and guarantee their interoperability.

Options & accessories

Voltage relay

Measures the voltage across the group and stops it in the event of too large fluctuations. Mounted on the group.

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Audio-visual alarm

Fault indicator linked to the group. The alarm visibly and audibly alerts to any changes to the predefined parameters.

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Température recorder – Mini-disc

Recorder on diagram diameter 125 mm.

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Température recorder – USB key with PC software

The USB recorder is used to record the temperatures ranging from 10 seconds to 12 hours. The two softwares are very easy to use and allow you to configure your recorder: name, sampling frequency, alarm thresholds and retrieve the recorded temperature curves, on which you are shown the alarm thresholds.

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Température recorder – Mini-lide

Autonomous recorder, manages the acquisition of measurements, their recording on internal memory, alerts in case of overflow threshold and allows direct processing of data on touch screen with plot of the graph or on PC.

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Power 1V 4V


Back-up is a box allowing redundant operation asymmetric of the 2 refrigeration groups by alternating 12 hours (Configuration possible or not JFV time slots). In case of group malfunction, automatic switching to the 2nd group. Switching on of the 2 groups if needed.

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BMS System

Device connected to the refrigeration unit allowing the remote management and control via PC. It can also transmit group activities by fax or sms (alarm). Connection possible to other building equipment.

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Chilled water condensing unit

By using chilled water, this refrigeration unit reduces energy consumption, operating costs and C02 emissions. It also has the advantage of generating less heat release around its environment.

Solar system refrigeration unit

Coupled with modules photovoltaic, the HYGECOLD box, guarantees the supply of quality power supply and prioritises the solar source.

60 Hz refrigeration unit

All cooling units are available in different Voltage/Hz/Phase.

Door switch

For switching on the lighting when the door is open.