Presentation room

Because the presentation is the signature of our customers, HYGECO has thought of every detail in this chapter to give you the choice of a qualitative presentation while respecting local conventions.

Refrigeration table & linen

Standard refrigeration table

Equipment designed for the temporary preservation of the body. It is obligatory for the presentation of the bodies not having received conservation care in the funerary chamber. It is composed of two parts, a head element slightly raised for the presentation and the folding foot element for optimal storage. Complies with CE standards.

Détails techniques #30321 #30321/75
Folded L x W x H 1 160 x 600 x 580 mm 1 160 x 750 x 580 mm
Unfolded L x W x H 1 860 x 600 x 580 mm 1 860 x 750 x 580 mm
Material Stainless steel 304 L Stainless steel 304 L

Linen for refrigeration table

High quality plain satin. Equipped with a pillow and a cover. Available colors: parma, champagne, white, blue and grey.

Détails techniques #40101
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