Preparation room

Precursor and leader in the field of embalming, HYGECO offers suitable equipment and instruments allowing the intervention of embalmers in optimal conditions. The care taken in the development of our range of fluids and cosmetic products is also an additional asset to quality rendering.

Accessories for tables & trolleys

Accessories designed to facilitate the work of end users, they compliment all our preparation tables.

Instrument table

Placed above the body to keep the instruments near the operator.
Compatible with our range of tables and supports.

Organ Cutting Table with instrument tray

Ergonomic accessory to optimize the work of end users, it provides a double function of dissection and instrument tray. Easily mobile throughout the preparation table. Compatible with our range of tables and supports.

Headrest “6 positions”

Generally used for head support, it is also suitable for elevating arms or legs.

Détails techniques #03421
Weight 240 g
Material Recycled HDPE

Neck support

Specially designed to be placed under the neck.

Détails techniques #80534
L x W x H 380 x 150 x 150 mm
Material Stainless steel


To maintain stability of the head during the preparation. Compatible with our range of tables and supports.

Set of 3 body supports

To help lift the body so as not to hinder the flow of liquid to the drain.
Compatible with our range of tables and supports.

Waste disposal system

Silent and efficient machine for disposal of waste and residue in the autopsy room. Fits autopsy tables. Activated by pneumatic switch. Voltage: 220/240 V. HP: 1/2 HP.

Détails techniques #34121
H x D 375 x 200 mm

Hydro-vacuum cleaner mounted on gooseneck

Option to be decided at the time of ordering due to structural adaptations involved.

Détails techniques #33316B


High-performance unit combining sturdy design with ease of use. Chrome brass construction. Can be fully dismantled. Direct connection to tap threads 15 x 21. Lever provides reverse flow for vacuum or cleaning aspiration tube. Built-in viewing window.

Détails techniques #03243
Length 180 mm
Material Chrome-plated brass


Stainless steel bucket with 4 pivoting wheels support.

Détails techniques #60060
Capacity 15 l
Material Stainless steel 304L