Tailor-made cold chambers

Each project involving the preservation of a body is unique in terms of the user's needs and preferences, the configuration of the space, budget, technical and climatic constraints and, its development is the subject of a very precise process by following the steps defined below. When this project is part of a larger project, the Hygeco Group Design Office is also at your side to support you, optimise the choice and installation of equipment and guarantee their interoperability.


In individual doors, large doors, combined or double access, all our possibilities of opening adapt to the needs of operators, the space available or even the evolution of bodies. These solutions guarantee safety and comfort in handling. All our openings are also available in large widths for the introduction of bariatric bodies or coffins..

Individual door

Allows the manipulation of a body without having to open the entire cold chamber. Also recommended in case of judicial seals, each door can be locked

Main door

Thanks to a height of up to 2 200 mm, this opening makes it possible to optimise the number of bodies per tier (up to 5 bodies) and to adapt to all types of spaces. The width is also adjustable for the introduction of bariatric bodies.

Lateral opening

Proposed for rooms with little or no clearance. The doors open at 120° thanks to cylinders with gas shock absorbers.

Combined door/indivual door

Equipped with a refrigeration unit per compartment, this configuration allows the simultaneous use of the cold room in dual temperature Positive/Negative.

Double access

Positioned between two rooms (presentation / preparation) this type of opening ensures the transfer from one room to another without manipulation or movement of the bodies. Ensures discretion and comfort for the operator.