Preparation room

Precursor and leader in the field of embalming, HYGECO offers suitable equipment and instruments allowing the intervention of embalmers in optimal conditions. The care taken in the development of our range of fluids and cosmetic products is also an additional asset to quality rendering.

Water/air/floor treatment

Air Purifier

Air Purifier or Filtration unit is a necessery device in post-mortem prep rooms both in the Funeral home and the Mortuary lab. It must ensure a renewal of air of at least 4 volumes / hour during the preparation time; It must be equipped with a low outlet. The air released outside the building is previously treated with an absorbent filter and deodorant. HYGECO has built a range of several models to meet the standards in force.

Détails techniques #00554 #00558#00555
Type Monobloc MonoblocDéporté
Power 400 m3 /h 600 m3 /h400 m3 /h

Eolis air purifier

In order to protect embalmers and funeral professionals, HYGECO offers an integrated air purifier with filters and technologies specifically designed for this field. During the course of their work, employees are exposed to many risks. Formaldehyde is a powerful allergen that can cause respiratory sensitivity. It should be considered a potential carcinogen that justifies using effective ventilation during embalming treatments

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Model Eolis 600 Eolis 600SEolis 1 200Eolis 1 200S
W x L x H 230 x 385 x 505 mm 230 x 385 x 505 mm240 x 395 x 705 mm240 x 395 x 705 mm
Maximum treated area 60 m2 60 m2120 m2120 m2
Max air flow (m3 /h) 500 500850850
Sound level min / max (dB) 18-52 18-5218-5918-59
Fan speed 5 555
Power min / max absorbed (W) 13-60/65 13-60/6516-75/8016-75/80

Options pour ce produit

Eolis air purifier

Prefilter Eolis

Compatible Eolis 600 and 600S

Prefilter Eolis

Compatible Eolis 1 200 and 1 200S

Filter HEPA Eolis

Compatible Eolis 600 and 600S.

Filter HEPA Eolis

Compatible Eolis 1 200 and 1 200S.

Retracting water-hose

Wall mounted. Automatic hose reel. Supply water M 1/2″. Max. operating temperature: 70°C.Tap with anti-pollution breaker, spray nozzle with trigger.

Détails techniques #FPM 1010
L x W x H 186 x 460 x 450 mm
Hose length 15 m
Weight 15 kg
Packaging Unit

Hygiene station

For maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of laboratories and cold chambers. System allows proportioned dispensing of disinfectants without electricity. Spray reinforced rubber (20m) + spray gun + hose rest. To be used with Surfanios desinfectant ref. 03630B.

Détails techniques #34007
L x W x H 270 x 95 x 370 mm
Packaging Unit